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Do you remember gossip? (Power relations in cultural institutions and what cannot be found in their archives?) in Alina Belishkina, Yana Klichuk, Joana Monbaron (eds.) The educational U-Turn: Who else is producing knowledges in culture?, 2021, Pushkin Museum & the National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), St. Petersburg

LK, LS, LY, MY, Y, Rose B Dicks, Margaret Laing Allen in Monika Oechsler with Sharon Kivland (eds.), Salon for a Speculative Future, 2020, Ma Bibliothèque

Erasure, Transformation and the Politics of Pedagogy: a feminist artistic/curatorial practice, article in Maria Buszek & Hilary Robinson (eds), 2019, A Companion to Feminist Art, Wiley Blackwell

Psycho-Neurological Poem in 3 Parts & A Clean Heart and a Cheerful Spirit, 2019, Litmus Publishing

The Disoeuvre: an Argument in 4 Voices (WASL Table), variation 6:27, 2019, Ma Bibliothèque

‘The Disoeuvre: an Argument in 4 Voices (WASL Table), variation 4:27’, 2018, artist’s project, Visual Resources, Vol 34, Nos 3-4, Sept-Dec, pps 420-435

‘Colouring In’, The World Speaks Back, an anthology of 94 poets’ poems published as a tribute to Denise Riley, 2018, Boiler House Press, excerpt from Begin Again Chronicles

Doing Time, article in Journal of the National Academy of Art, Vol. 30, No 5, 2018 and in Front Lines, How Might We Talk about the Future? (Art/Education in the 21 st Century), China Academy of Art (article in Chinese)

Re-visiting, Re-situating Gallery Education: reflections on education as a strategy for expanding the concept of ‘public’ in art museums and galleries, in an era of increasing privatisation, 2018, article in Jenna Ashton (ed.), Feminism and Museums: Intervention, Disruption and Change, MuseumsEtc

(in)formalisation, an interview with Felicity Allen, by Jernej Čuček Gerbec, Gabriela Gazova, Anna Korotkova and Marharyta Liavonenka, 2017, CuMMA Papers

Creating the Disoeuvre: interpreting feminist interventions as an expanded artistic practice in relation to art’s institutions, 2016, context statement for PhD by Public Works, Middlesex University

Begin Again, 2016, published as a limited edition of 21 artists books in two volumes

Begin Again Chronicles, 2014, Verisimilitude, image/text chapbook.

What does globalisation mean for education in the art museum?, 2013, article in It’s all Mediating. Outlining and Incorporating the Roles of Curating and Education in the Exhibition Context, Cambridge Scholars Press

Reassembling the Barricades: further thoughts on What does globalisation mean for education in the art museum?, 2013, article in Engage 32, May

Creativity vs Education: Invasive Assessment and the Sketchbook, 2013, article in Art Monthly 366, May (not my title)

The Installation, 2013, Intercapillary Space: an unrolling poetry magazine based in the UK, April 2013

Textual Intimacies: Letters, Journals, Poetry – Ghost Writing Telegraph Cottage, 2013, with Simon Smith, in Nothing Normal: Essays on Literary Intimacies, Bloomsbury Academic

Invasive Assessments, Surprise and Performing the Self in the Sketchbook, Nov-Dec 2012, De Witte Raaf 120

Education: Documents of Contemporary Art, 2011, Whitechapel / MIT

Your Sketchbook Your Self, 2011, Tate Publishing

Border Crossing, 2009, Tate Papers 11, April 09 (co-edited this edition with Jennifer Mundy); revised for I-JADE, International Journal of Art and Design Education 28.3, 2009

Situating Gallery Education, 2008, Tate Encounters Issue 2

Telegraph Cottage, 2007, with Simon Smith, Mindmade Press (Los Angeles)

Democracy, Freedom, Expression: Practising Ideas of Liberty and Representation in Gallery Education, 2007, in Rodrigo, J (ed), Dialogical Practices, publ. Es Baluard, Palma

Perspectives across Cultures with Rebecca Heald, 2007, Engage 20

‘The Hayward Gallery working with the Department of Health’, 2002, Engage 11

Interview with Peter Jenkinson at the New Art Gallery, Walsall, 2000, The Art Book (AAH)

It’s Groovy to be Global, 1999, Art Monthly (3.99)

Make: the magazine of women’s art Guest editor, 1998, 20 year review

Engage, 1995-1999, Founding editor, bi-annual journal of the National Association for Gallery Education

From Community Arts to Gallery Education, 1995, (with Sue Clive) in Art with People, ed. Malcolm Dickson, AN Publications, Newcastle

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