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Drawing at Palmyra, 2008 (© Trevor Mathison)
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Filming at Palmyra, 2008 (© Sonia Yekkini)

Border crossing

_ London: Tate, Spring 2009
_ Felicity Allen
_ Issue 11
_ ISBN: [ISSN] 1753-9854

An article about the Tate Britain partnership programme Nahnou-Together, (see also Facilitation) a mutual learning programme exploring three cultures through modern and contemporary art in Amman, Damascus and London. The success of Nahnou-Together, which translates from the Arabic as ‘we together’, depended on a desire to learn and share by its partners and this article explores this exchange. A second version of this article was published by International Journal of Art & Design Education, Volume 28, No 3, 2009 ISSN 1476-8062